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The Complete Toshiaki Kawada – All Four Volumes (Bluray w/case & art) (8 discs in 4 cases)

$98.00 $73.50


NOTE: These have been confirmed to work on PS3 and PS4. Xbox One may require an update for BD-R compatibility. Please check your player for BD-R compatibility before ordering. Thank you!

Video Quality: VG-EX Standard Definition with HD upgrades wherever possible.
Runtime: Pending

Our Toshiaki Kawada collection is unmatched in quality. Featuring additional matches and HD upgrades, the blu-ray releases are the definitive and unparalleled alternative to the original DVD set.

Purchasing this product will ensure you receive all four volumes of this massive collection, each in their own case. Additionally, it’s like getting one volume for free! This deal will not last for forever – act now!

Please refer to each product page for listings:

The Complete Toshiaki Kawada – Volume 1: 1985-1991 (Bluray w/case & art) (2 discs)

The Complete Toshiaki Kawada – Volume 2: 1992-1994 (Bluray w/case & art) (2 discs)

The Complete Toshiaki Kawada – Volume 3: 1995-2000 (Bluray w/case & art) (2 discs)

The Complete Toshiaki Kawada – Volume 4: 2001-2010 (Bluray w/case & art) (2 discs)


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